Saturday, January 22, 2011

air bike

A group of Indian engineering students from Ludhiana successfully build a pollution-free motorbike designed to run on air pressure rather than petrol. Video courtesy of Reuters.

Indian scientists have made yet another outstanding contribution by creating a preliminary virtual design of a motorcycle engine that works purely on compressed air. The duo of scientist has already described the detailed process in a paper presented to the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy.
The engine design includes a small air turbine, powered by compressed air that can generate enough power to propel a motorcycle for nearly 40 mins.
One of the scientists, Bharat Raj Singh, who is also a researcher at the SMS Institute of technology Lucknow was quoted saying -
Some 50 to 60% of the present emission levels in some areas could be reduced with the new technology, though a number of technical challenges remain
The challenge the duo now faces is to design a compressed air storage tank that can store enough air to achieve long distance commute

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