Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Clean Office is a Happy Office

If you really think how long you and your staff spend inside an office, sitting on the same chairs, the same desks, cupboards , windows and carpets all around you it doesn’t take too much thought to imagine how productivity, let alone job satisfaction would suffer if it was untidy and dirty. It really is vital to select a cleaning services company that will keep your office environment sparkling clean and keep everybody including your work effort nice and happy.

Put this thought another way and imagine the expense of buying all that new office furniture and fittings. It really doesn’t make sense to cut back on office cleaning, when all that nice new accommodation would soon look tarnished and tatty, with the eventual consequences for how your staff will feel and work. Similarly, if your office has a great view, that view would be marred with grubby handprints on the window!

There is sufficient research to indicate that it is working conditions and the work environment that has the greatest effect on staff morale. It’s not the little job perks or holiday allowances that does the most as far as motivation and job satisfaction is concerned – it is the immediate atmosphere that will inspire and encourage employees to give their best. A smart, clean office is a happy office!

A good cleaning company that specialises in office cleaning will be able to operate an effective cleaning programme, whether you have an open plan office area, a traditional office with separate rooms or an informal work area that has hot-desks.

If you have taken over a brand new office or you have recently had a renovation you were probably really pleased with the appearance and atmosphere immediately afterwards. A few months or years down the track, with scratches, dust, bits of cobweb and chewing gum on the carpets it would be a different place altogether. That cleaning services’ company will provide the ongoing maintenance needed to keep your office looking just the way it started.

If you are just about to move into a brand new building it pays to sort out your cleaning services contractor straight away. An office cleaning company is able to sort out the last of the builders and fitters mess that will be probably left behind as well as looking after the day to day needs of the new office. They will probably also be able to advise on any new arrangements that will be made for fittings and furniture that will make the office easy on the eye as well as easy to keep neat, tidy and clean. A tidy, clean office not only keeps the staff happy, but is likely to lead to a much better impression on any customers or clients who visit the office.

You presumably have high standards when it comes to the image you would like to project of your company and it is often the little things that might let that image down. A professional cleaning services company will keep those reception areas, toilets and meeting rooms sparkling – which will mean your staff and your clients will stay with you for a long time to come.

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