Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ways to prevent Air Pollution by humans

We the humans are most dangerous species in the planet earth. We have created the civilization,created the   sky scrapers, more modernized living in our world we live in, yet now we are becoming a real threat to human civilization.Day by day we are polluting the water, the environment, air we breathe and creating a global warning.
Now it’s really time to take some measures in order to prevent air pollution.
Here are some Preventive steps.
1. Sharing of Cars-By sharing of cars we could reduce the usage of cars, this will help in reduction of usage of fuel.
2. Proper Servicing of Vehicles: We should all do proper timely servicing of vehicles. Do proper pollution check up of the cars, use unleaded petrol whenever possible and lower the consumption of fuel.
3. The use of public transport is an effective way to prevent consumption of fuel as well as generate some government revenue.
4. If we use alternative energy sources such as hydroelectric power, solar energy and  save energy by switching off fans, air conditioners, lights, this will indirectly help in preventing air pollution.
5. Proper awareness programs should be made about the consequences and effect of air pollution.Some strict government steps should be taken such as when a vehicle fails in pollution test it should not be allowed to refuel, use of alternative LPG vehicles should be more.
6.Everyone should be made aware of the air pollution and its consequences.Some real time experiences needed to be shown.
7.The vehicles should be tested on Every petrol pump before refueling the oils and will not be refueled is it fails in emission test.
Refineries owned by energy companies produce a...8.Newer vehicles should be made such that it will minimize the consequences of pollution and a proper guideline should be given with respect to this to all manufactures across the country.

Last and the foremost as I mentioned earlier in order to prevent pollution we the humans should take responsibility, if every individual takes his/her responsibility one day will come when the world can breathe smoothly
Lastly and most importantly we all should reunite to fight air pollution.I think it high time we should all be aware of the fact that if we don’t take any steps in preventing pollution it will not be far when our next generation will breathe any fresh air

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