Saturday, June 18, 2011

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated in the whole world every year on 5 June. Many speeches are made and conferences are held on this day to overcome global warming and to promote greenery. Natural greenery is a gift to us from God. We should preserve it from destruction.

Forests are lungs of the earth. Forests cover 31 percent area of the total world. These forests keep environment clean and neat and provide fresh air to the living things. Air contains 70 per cent oxygen which is essential for the survival of living things. Forest can absorb 40 per cent green houses gases emission whish are harmful to human lives.

They provide shelter material, food, employment, medicine, fuel and entertainment as well. Deforestation is depriving us from these natural resources. Therefore, we should plant more and more trees to make this earth green and beautiful. Pakistan has hardly four percent of forests.

In the industrial cities such as Sialkot, Faislabad Lahore and Karachi, the land mafia has snatched the right of recreation from public. Parks, gardens and other entertainment places are being occupied by wedding halls and entertainment centres. Historical parks such as Lawrence Garden, Race Course, Shaliamar Garden are over-crowded. Deforestation invites global warming. So, environment is a global issue and it must be addressed by the world community and local authorities.

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