Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education (ETT IInd year Exams Date-sheet)

The Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education, Jammu announces the date-sheet for ETT IInd year (2008-10) examinations on 20/06/2011. The examinations are going to commence on 19/07/2011. The time of exam will be 2.00 pm. The date-sheet is as follows: 19/07/2011:     Paper-I            Process of Children Learning 20/07/2011:     Paper-II           School Organization & Management21/07/2011:     Paper-III          Guidance & Counseling/ ECC & Education 23/07/2011:     Paper-IV          Non-Formal & Adult Education/ Population/ Value Education 25/07/2011:     Paper-V           Teaching of Hindi/ Punjabi/ Urdu26/07/2011:     Paper-II           Teaching of Science & Technology27/07/2011:     Paper-IV          Teaching of English28/07/2011:     Paper-I            Teaching of Mathematics30/07/2011:     Paper-III          Teaching of Social Sciences01/08/2011:     Teaching of Health & physical Education/ Work Education/ Art EducationNote: Practical Examinations of Teaching Practice (part-III) will be held after theory examination and will be notified separately.

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