Saturday, July 2, 2011

KUK- Date-sheet for B.Ed. (New syllabus & Re-appear) Examination

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra announces the date sheet for B.Ed. Theory Examination (New Syllabus) commencing from 13/07/2011 (Thursday). The timing of examination will remain 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The date sheet is as follows: 13/07/2011                Paper-I: Philosophical, Sociological and Economics Bases of Edu.15/07/2011                Paper-II: Learner, Learning and Cognition18/07/2011                Paper-III (A) Vision of Secondary Education in India in the Context of 21st  CenturyPaper-III (B): Opt. (i) Yoga Education, Opt. (ii) Educational Vocational Guidance and Counselling, Opt. (iii) Health and Physical Education, Opt. (iv) Environmental Education, Opt. (v) Distance and Open Learning, Opt. (vi) Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Opt. (vii) Gender Sensitization and School, Opt. (viii) Human Rights Education20/07/2011                Paper-IV (A): Curriculum and School Management,  (B): Inclusive Education22/07/2011                Paper-V (A): Information Communication & Educational Technology (B): Action Research25/07/2011                  Paper-VI&VII Group-A Opt.(i) Teaching of HindiGroup-A Opt. (ii) Teaching of English, Group-A Opt. (iii) Teaching of Punjabi, Group-A Opt. (v) Teaching of Physical Science (Old Syllabus 2008-09)27/07/2011                  Paper-VI&VII :Group-B Opt. (i) Teaching of Social ScienceGroup-B Opt. (ii) Teaching of Science and TechnologyGroup-B Opt. (iii) Teaching of CommerceGroup-B Opt. (iv) Teaching of Computer ScienceGroup-B Opt. (v) Teaching of Home ScienceGroup-B Opt. (vi) Teaching of Geography (Old Syllabus 2008-09)Group-B Opt. (vii) Teaching of Economics (Old Syllabus 2008-09)Group-B Opt. (viii) Teaching of History (Old Syllabus 2008-09)Group-B Opt. (ix) Teaching of Civics (Old Syllabus 2008-09)29/07/2011                  Paper-VI&VII :Group-C: Opt.(i) Teaching of MathematicsGroup-C: Opt.(iii) Teaching of Art (Old Syllabus 2008-09)Group-C: Opt.(iv) Teaching of Music (Old Syllabus 2008-09)Group-C: Opt.(v) Teaching of Life Sciences(Old Syllabus 2008-09)01/08/2011                  Paper-VI&VII : Group-A(iv) Teaching of SanskritPaper-VI&VII :Group-C: Opt.(ii) Teaching of Sanskrit(Only for M.A. Sanskrit and Shastri students;they can opt Teaching of Hindi only)13/07/2011                Paper-I: Education in Emerging Indian Society15/07/2011                Paper-II: Psychology of Teaching and Learning18/07/2011                Paper-III (A) Secondary Education and School ManagementPaper-III (B): Opt.(i) Education of Exceptional ChildrenOpt.(iii) Population EducationOpt.(iv) Educational and Vocational GuidanceOpt.(v) Mental Hygiene and EducationOpt.(vi) Adult and Continuing EducationOpt.(vii)Health and Physical EducationOpt.(viii) Science & Technology EducationOpt.(ix) Environmental EducationOpt.(xi) Educational Measurement & Evaluation20/07/2011                Paper-IV: Educational Technology22/07/2011                Paper-V: Opt. (i) Teaching of HindiOpt. (iii) Teaching of PunjabiOpt. (iv) Teaching of CommerceOpt. (v) Teaching of Physical ScienceOpt. (vi)Teaching of Home SciencesOpt.(vii) Teaching of Computer Science25/07/2011                  Paper-VI: Opt.(i) Teaching of Social StudiesOpt.(iv) Teaching of EconomicsOpt. (v) Teaching of MathematicsOpt.(vi) Teaching of Life SciencesOpt.(vii) Teaching of Geography27/07/2011                  Paper-VI: Opt. (x) Teaching of Sanskrit

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