Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facts about the pollution in India

The main reason why India is today experiencing huge pollution problem is its rapid economic development based on highly polluting coal powered plants.

India is rapidly becoming one of world's largest carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters and CO2 is the greenhouse gas mostly responsible for climate change. Two main factors that contributed to massive growth of CO2 emissions in the last couple of years were building of giant coal powered plants and increased number of cars in the roads.

India's rivers are among the most polluted in the entire world. This is because around 80 % of urban waste in India ends up in its rivers. One of the best examples of this excessive river pollution is the pollution of Ganges, India's holy river, where in some areas researchers found the level of pollution 3,000 percent higher than what is considered safe for bathing.

Massive coal power plants and large number of new cars in the roads will soon create excessive air pollution issue in much of the India. Many environmentalists fear that large Indian cities will soon experience the fate similar to large Chinese cities because smog has already become a frequent sight in many cities in India.

The Indian government cares very little for environmental issues. The Environmental Ministry of India had no problem whatsoever in giving green light to several environmentally destructive projects because they value economy much more than environment and ecology.

India is also experiencing a growing toxic pollution issue. The infamous pesticide “Endosulfan” which has been banned by the UN and most countries in the world has killed over 1000 and crippled around 10000 people in Kasgorod.

The main problem about the environmental pollution in India is the fact that Indian government has pretty much accepted it as some sort of attachment to a greed based economy and is willing to sacrifice both natural resources as well as human health to maintain rapid economic development.

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