Saturday, July 2, 2011

KUK- Date-sheet for B.Ed. (Two year Correspondence) Examination

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra announces the date sheet for B.Ed. Theory Examination (Correspondence- 2 years) commencing from 13/07/2011 (Thursday). The timing of examination will remain 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The date sheet is as follows: 13/07/2011                Paper-I: Philosophical, Sociological and Economics Bases of EducationGroup-A : Paper-I: Curriculum and Instruction (Old Syllabus)15/07/2011                Paper-II: Learner, Learning and Cognition (New Syllabus)Group-A : Paper-II: Psychology of Development and Learning (Old Syllabus)18/07/2011                Paper-V-A: Information Communication and Educational TechnologyGroup-A : Paper-III: Educational Evaluation (Old Syllabus)20/07/2011                Paper-VI: Opt.(i) Teaching of Social Science (New Syllabus)Group-B :Paper-VI & VII Opt.(i) Teaching of Science (Old Syllabus)22/07/2011                Paper-VI: Opt.(ii) Teaching of Mathematics (New Syllabus)(Mathematics is for those who are going to opt Language in the 2nd year)Group-B :Paper-VI & VII Opt.(ii) Teaching of Mathematics (Old Syllabus)25/07/2011                  Paper-VI: Opt.(iii)Teaching of Science and Technology (New Syllabus)Group-B :Paper-VI & VII Opt.(iii) Teaching of Social Studies (Old Syllabus)14/07/2011                Group-A : Paper-IV: Education and Society 16/07/2011                Group-A : Paper-V: Teacher and School19/07/2011                Group-B : Paper-VII: Opt.(iv) Teaching of English21/07/2011                Group-C : Paper-VIII: (Special Course) Opt.(i) Educational TechnologyOpt.(ii) Computer in EducationOpt.(iii) Guidance and Counseling

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