Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Cleaning Products: Guidelines in Picking the Right One

Green cleaning products can be made out of common household ingredients. With a simple mixture of these ingredients, house cleaning is made cheaper and safer. This helps not only you but others as well, not to mention that it also benefits the environment.

Cleaning, aside from maintaining the visual aesthetics of an indoor environment should also protect your household members. This protection will have to be not only against dirt and germs but also against harmful cleaning ingredients. Most of the commercially available cleaning solutions claim capable of delivering this protection.

However, did you know that a big number of these so-called effective cleaning solutions bring with them harmful chemical elements? In using these products, you might be putting your family’s health on an edge instead of securing it. It can be a cause of allergies, irritations and even respiratory illnesses. Apart from that, the use of these chemical-composed cleaning products can also increase the percentage of pollutants released in the environment.

With organic cleaning products though, the effectiveness and safety that you need in a cleaning solution is present. The biodegradability and the low toxicity properties of these products are making it an ideal cleaning alternative. The fact that you can produce them yourself is an additional advantage. Through this, you can make sure that no harmful chemical is included in the green cleaning product that you are using.

But then, producing your own organic cleaning product will work only if you have enough free time or if you don’t mind squeezing and mixing the ingredients. If you are simply not into these activities, going for toxin-based ingredients is still not an accepted course of action. There are already green cleaning products that you can purchase for immediate use.

Remember though that not all claimed green cleaning products are the right products. Be vigilant in order to spot the truly effective and safe ones to use. Check out the following steps as they can sure help you pick the right organic cleaning product.

To consider environmental factors is to check the product components or ingredients. There are products claiming to be “green” but still has some hazardous elements. No matter how minimal is the amount of these chemicals, always check for any harmful effects to human and the environment.

Check claims

As had been mentioned, there are false organic cleaning products available. Be wary of the generic names that they include on their product label such as “natural”, “green”, “organic”, “eco-friendly” and “safe”. Ask questions to producers or manufacturers for specific explanations of their claims.

Compare traditional considerations (price and effectiveness)

To assess the over-all value of the green cleaning product, you should also compare the price and effectiveness of each. Solicit feedback from others who had already used it. Add these traditional considerations to its health and environmental effects for better judgment.

Though organic cleaning products can now be bought, this is not an assurance that you can always end up with a truly effective and safe product. Be picky in purchasing one. You can always make use of the above given steps to ensure that you are buying a true green cleaning product.

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