Thursday, June 30, 2011

Air Rhino: The most versatile and innovative air cleaner of its class

Air Rhino: Powerful particle filtration
and/or chemical, gas and odor removal.Electrocorp’s Air Rhino is the most versatile air filtration system of its kind, with a small ecological footprint.

This innovative machine has interchangeable carbon and HEPA filters, so it can easily convert from a rugged chemical, gas and odor scrubber to a powerful particulate air cleaner right on site. 

The Air Rhino is capable of creating a negative air environment, and it is equipped with an industrious deep-bed carbon filter and extended filter depth, which leads to a longer dwell time for contaminated air and allows for quicker and more thorough adsorption of gaseous pollutants.

The Air Rhino also features an advanced medical-grade HEPA filter to trap 99.97% of particles, and can accommodate an ultraviolet light to remove bacteria and other airborne pathogens.

The operator-friendly air purification system comes with particle pre-filters to prevent clogging as well as a pressure switch that tells you when the filters are saturated. 

The meticulous air scrubber can be used in stationary applications for long-term air cleaning, or on job sites for remediation projects and environmental clean-ups. As well, it can be used as a portable, stand-alone unit, or it can be attached to the ceiling.
Electrocorp's Air Rhino
It is a great air filtration system for heavy-dust environments, industrial odor control, construction and restoration, mold and asbestos remediation sites, auto body shops and garages, manufacturing plants and warehouses, among other applications.

According to Electrocorp’s IAQ specialist Gershon Katz, “The Air Rhino is the only portable air cleaner that can hold a 100-pound carbon filter, a HEPA filter, particle pre-filters and an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria.  The Air Rhino knows how to handle air quality issues -- it gets the job done.”

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