Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Problems Caused By An Unclean Workplace

Are you employing an office cleaning company? Are they doing a good job? It is very important that you have your office cleaned on a regular basis and that it is cleaned to a high standard. If you fail to properly clean your office then you could find yourself facing some more serious issues than just some dust and trash. A dirty office can make employees sick. It can make customers shy away and it can be an invitation to bugs. A dirty office is more than a hassle. It could be damaging to your business.

Sales will probably go down when customers walk in and see your messy office space. Your employees will probably have more sick days as the bacteria, infection and germs grow in the dirty office environment. You could even start seeing the appearance of cockroaches and mice who will love to live in your poorly cleaned office space. The problems can grow until you can no longer even work in your office. Cleaning your office properly is a must if you do not want to put your business at risk.

It is common to have an ineffective cleaning crew. Many of us have experienced the results of an office not being cleaned correctly. Smells, dust, trash and a general unkempt look are hallmarks of a bad office cleaning job. If you ever wonder just what you are paying these cleaners to do then you probably are suffering from inadequate office cleaning. It is not worth paying someone to clean when they really are not doing a good job.

The employees of any truly professional cleaning service will have the proper training and experience in their work, and will be fully capable of mopping, washing windows, dusting and disinfecting surfaces. You can also hire companies that specialize in certain services, such as cleaning air conditioners, and disinfecting computer keyboards and telephones.

In fact, there is a legal requirement for employers to keep the workplace clean. Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act specifically mentions that a workplace environment should be kept safe and healthy so as not to encourage the development of diseases. Prevention is better than cure and as well as diligent office cleaning, it is important to try to keep dirt away in the first place. Simple things such as providing doormats can make a big difference.

It is especially effective to have a designated eating area in your workplace, aimed at keeping employees from stashing food in their desk drawers and eating meals or snacks at their desks. Another workplace rule should be that no piles of paperwork or clutter are allowed to build up on workers’ desks, as these can be magnets for germs and dust. In fact, some companies use a clear desk policy, which keeps the office environment clean and neat, and makes it easier for regular office cleanings.

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