Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Cleaning Products: Making Our Homes and Our Environment Cleaner, Safer

You need cleaning products and you’d prefer not to use harsh chemicals in your home or office, but sometimes it’s just too expensive. Now, that has fortunately come to an end with green cleaning products and janitorial supplies that leave your home or workplace clean, and your environment green.

From wholesale green trash bags to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, green cleaning products are a fantastic way to reduce your impact on the environment.

Did you know that almost 1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning products contains ingredients that have been known to cause health problems to office workers, students, teachers, pets, children, and everyone who comes into contact with them? Additionally, the same chemicals also contribute to widespread air and water pollution.

Take into consideration some of the effects the most common harsh chemicals have on our bodies and our environment.

Fact: According to the Clean Water Fund, most Americans use 40 pounds of toxic cleaning products — throwing away over 10% of their leftover chemicals in the landfill, and pouring over 32 million pounds down the drain, and into wastewater.

Fact: Many common cleaners contain neurotoxins, which depress the nervous system and impede the healthy function of your kidneys and livers.

As you can see, at their worst many traditional cleaning products often contain chemicals that cause real world problems for everyone. From cancer, reproductive disorders, eye damage, and organ damage to environmental problems from our water to wildlife. That said don’t you think green cleaning products with all the cleaning power and none of the harmful chemicals are a better solution?

By switching to safe green cleaning chemicals, homeowners and business owners alike can get the same cleaning power while improving the air quality, reducing pollution, and significantly cutting down on health related problems caused by harsh chemicals.

In most cases, switching to safe and green environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals is not only safer and just as effective, but inexpensive as well. Additionally, some public purchasers of green cleaning supplies have even documented noticeable price savings by actually switching to safer cleaners.

Public purchasers of green cleaning chemicals include the US Department of Interior, the Chicago Public School District, several National Parks, Seattle WA, and the states of Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and many others. Many of these organizations, cities, and states all report that green cleaners are safer, cheaper, and just as effective as their harsh counterparts.

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