Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pollution Audit

Pollution Auditearthglass.jpg (4595 bytes)It is now a law that all the factories producing pollution will require pollution audit once
 in a year and submit report to pollution control authorities. They have stipulated norms 
which each factory owner is expected to maintain.
It is an extra work and tedious for most of the factories to maintain this. It is one thing to 

expect certain pollution levels by law and another to maintain.
Normally, there are two difficulties,
1 to get good pollution auditor, who understands and guides properly, instead of only

 finding faults
2. to develop intentions to maintain pollution free atmosphere at own cost.

In most the cases, it is ignorance, which rules. The need of keeping pollution free environment is not felt yet,

 but soon everyone will.

Motive powers Inc offer services which are slightly different than usual.
We offer advisory services for maintaining year round pollution free atmosphere. If it is audited or checked 

anytime round the year, your plant is ready to have a positive report.

The advantages of our services are:

  • By going through this system, pollution creating weak points are plugged at source thus chances of 
  • pollution are reduced.
  • By plugging out mixing raw material to waste, client saves money in itself, thus recovering cost.
  • Saving after effects of pollution.
Thus, if it is planned to undertake a new system of pollution under check, it will lead to better working 
atmosphere and enthusiasm.

As the services are on personalized basis, it is far more economical than calling for repair.

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